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Clear lenses
Fade lenses

Fade lenses are standard installed in the Zite Goggles from production.

They are pretty dark, and does not suit for indoor racing or fake light, but has a perfect tone for outdoor use in sunlight and UV light.

Mirror lenses

The coating is a high-tech lens technology, which provides you with an even brighter vision, than if you were looking out of a clear lens. From your vision when wearing the goggles, your surroundings will turn yellow, red or blue toned, which are color tones that seems brightening, calm and sharpening to your eyes, which makes it easier for your eyes to focus and see tiny details. 
With other words - your vision with the goggles will be improved from your normal vision in daylight, like if you were watching HD and non-HD television.

From the outside tho, the lens will appear as a mirrored colorful lens, which people can't see your eyes through.